About Us

“The Maxima experience takes you on a ride,
never before imagined”

Our goal is to present a line of products, with whom providing quality is an understatement. We want to give the people something they can remember with fondness and sheer joy. With that in mind, Maxima, was born to only one mission, and that was to give satisfaction beyond imagination. Our products will speak for themselves and your expectations will be exceeded because our work means the world to us, so we, at Maxima, is not just a workplace, it’s a family….


Born in the mind of A. Bouhidel, who has been involved the in FMCG sector, and who is a talented chef himself, with over 20 years of experience in various areas of the food industry, Maxima strives to reach milestones and a vision that he has had for over the 2 decades, he has been involved with this line of work. He brings an air of passion which is heartfelt with all the people involved with this company. His various previous roles include looking after 20 stores at the same time and single handedly taking them to newer horizons, training and planning further newer structures for them.

This is a match made in heaven between you and us, for it is you, the people, for whom we are here and we will always strive for excellence of execution and bring you nothing but the best.