Why Kn?vener Mackert?


Because we come from inside of the automotive industry, we understand the challenges?every organization faces when implementing a new process.


Our focus is on process acceptance. That occurs when the process is clearly defined, follows simple rules and has the buy-in of every stakeholder across the organization.?


We offer training, assessments and consulting services to companies in the automotive industry that want to become more effective and competitive by improving their processes.?


We help you to become more effective and competitive.

In-House Training Options

You can choose from a list of our ready-made training courses, or we can design a tailored program to help you overcome the current challenges your organization faces.

Our team has substantial experience in the following areas: Automotive SPICE?, Embedded Software Design, Functional Safety (ISO26262), Security (ISO21434) and Agile including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe? (Scaled Agile Framework? ? SAFe for Lean Enterprises).

Here is a list of our ready-made training programs:


ASPICE and Agile:

  • Introduction to the? VDA? Automotive SPICE? ?Guidelines
  • Automotive SPICE?: iNTACS? certified Provisional Assessor
  • Automotive SPICE?: iNTACS? certified Competent Assessor
  • Automotive SPICE?: Assessment Team Participation
  • Automotive SPICE? for Managers (How to drive the change?)
  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering SPICE?
  • Workshop Agility for my E/E Development
  • Workshop KANBAN for me


Management and Culture:

  • ASCC (Acceptance and Success by cooperative culture)
  • Automotive SPICE? for Managers (How to drive the change?)
  • Innovation and Change Management


System and Software Engineering:

  • Embedded RT Software Development
  • Memory Concepts for Embedded Software
  • Successful Development Support
  • Model Driven Development ? Making it Effective
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Testgetriebene Softwareentwicklung mit C/C++
  • Objektorientierte Programmierung mit C++
  • Programmieren mit ANSI C
  • .Net Programmierung mit C#

Open Training Sessions


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Assessment & Consulting

Our assessment service comprises analysis and comparison of your current processes with the newest standards and requirements, helping you to identify strengths and discover opportunities.

Efficient development processes in your organization are our goal. We have the competence to support the evolutionary and incremental improvement of existing processes as well as the systematic design and implementation of new processes.

The most difficult challenge is not the design of the process but its execution. This is why our efforts are focused on supporting the organization to obtain acceptance for process change. We work together with senior and middle management to create an environment within which process change will succeed.

Schedule a call with one of our experts to start designing the perfect game-plan for your company.

Global vision and experience?

Our Approach



Ask the right questions. This initial discovery phase uncovers challenges, determines process status, and sets objectives.


We help you design your processes following the most important automotive best practices and certifications, such as ASPICE?, intacs? and ISO.


In this phase, we focus on process acceptance, working with the senior management, middle management and the engineering team, to ensure a well-supported and smooth deployment of your changed processes.

Our Experience

Our Consultants combine in-house experience within automotive companies, as well as experience as independent consultants. They master technical subjects and face challenges with a practical approach.

Our team is multi-disciplined. Unique individual skillsets combined, allow to tackle a wide array of challenges. Together as a team, we are stronger. Our philosophy a hands-on approach which brings dynamism and motivation to those we work with.

Our Automotive SPICE? ?Principal Assessor and Trainer is founding and advisory board member of?intacs?.

  • Professional experience in automotive (manufacturer/supplier/consulting).
  • Automotive SPICE? Assessments.
  • Global Automotive SPICE? Programs.
  • Automotive SPICE? Trainings.
  • Program Management Automotive.
  • International Business Process Manager.
  • Quality Management.
  • Software Supplier Management and 3rd Party Software Management.
  • Functional Safety – ISO26262.
  • Security – ISO/SAE 21434 (Development).
  • Security, Suppliler Management and QM for Production.
  • Cross-Business Process Standardization.
  • Methods for Process Acceptance.

Strategic Partnerships

What our customers say

?Competent training & exercises close to reality helped to get the basics transferred to day-to-day work?

Dr. J?rg Kiefer,?Senior Director Quality Assurance,?WABCO Vehicle Control Systems

“Training is to the point, content is very useful to our business need, linked with real-life examples which make it very easy to understand and apply. Also, the trainer is very professional, has the ability to answer questions and influence the trainees, and supportive. ?

Samer Sameh, Principal Assessment Manager, Valeo Interbranch Automotive Software

?Christian does not only provide a very useful standard ASPICE? training but also prepares dedicated training sessions, tailored to the specific needs of an organization.?

Torsten Treyde,?Technical Director Engineering Quality,?Braking, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

?Consulting by KnuevenerMackert does not mean, they only show you, where you need to improve, but they actively drive the improvement combining ASPICE?, project management, and SW expertise in a very pragmatic, goal-oriented way.?


Torsten Treyde,?Technical Director Engineering Quality,?Braking, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.



AUTOMOTIVE SPICE? V3.1?(extended VDA scope)




GUIDELINES?(derived from VDA Automotive SPICE? Guidelines 1st Edition 2017)